Experience Matters. Small Business Strategy Solutions, a verified Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business, provides more than 80 years of combined Federal Clearance Assistance and Federal Registration and Certification knowledge, insight, and experience. Our team of retired military personnel and former civil service professionals applies this extensive experience to help you secure federal jobs and contracts.

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We understand clearance requirements thoroughly. During our many years of service in the industry, Small Business Strategy Solutions’ team members have provided input that has been included in clearance-related regulations and manuals. We put that valuable, actionable insight and perspective to work for our clients.

Many clearance denials occur due to improperly addressing the 13 adjudicative guidelines used for granting clearance at the beginning of the process. Leading experts in these guidelines, Small Business Strategy Solutions can help you avoid costly errors.


Federal government contracts offer excellent opportunities for small businesses. A percentage of federal funds are designated specifically for different types of small businesses, but you must be registered and certified to secure these contracts. This process can be confusing and time consuming.

Small Business Strategy Solutions’ federal contracting experts save you time and work closely with you to ensure accurate submissions. We provide the assistance you need to determine your eligibility, complete the registration and certification forms, and ensure that all processes are fulfilled correctly so you can become an approved federal contractor.

Contact Small Business Strategy Solutions and tap into our wealth of experience and achieve your desired results.